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Robert (Bob) Layman III of Legacy Today Consulting, Inc has helped more than 245 clients grow their wealth without the risk or volatility of stocks, mutual funds and other traditional volatile investments. 

Bob helps his clients take control of their finances with safety and liquidity to live without stress and anxiety and reach their goals and dreams. That is why his clients think of him as their “secret weapon” helping them build and safeguard their wealth.

Karyl Simmons of Legacy-Today Consulting, Inc. has been assisting Bob Layman for around 9 years to bring his passion of helping show others how to grow their money securely and safely. 

During her main working years, she raised three children on a farm, got her Associates Degree from the local University, and worked in the Admissions office.

She later moved on to working as a file clerk, secretary, office assistant and human resources assistant in a company that had 5 offices.

The biggest joy in her working career was assisting others and her subsequent joining with Bob has been the best yet.

Karyl now lives in Columbia City, Indiana after moving back from Florida due to an ill family member. She lives there with her husband, Carl, and between the two of them they have 6 children, 13 grandchildren and 5 grand dogs.

When she is not working or enjoying family time, you can find her either with her nose in her kindle reading or singing karaoke.

They attend Community Bible Church most Sundays unless they are up north of Columbia City with family and then they go to Zion Missionary Church in Fremont, Indiana where Karyl grew up.. 

Karyl loves to talk to new prospects and is totally invested in helping Bob grow his business.

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